Ash's Lashes and Esthetics

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Since 2009, Ash's Lashes has been on an epic growth journey, starting solo in a basement, growing to a 750 sq ft spa with a team, expanding to a 1300 sq ft space, and now moving to our biggest location yet!

Why the moves? Because we refused to stop growing. Our quest for a bigger and better commercial unit has been a testament to our commitment and dedication in the lash and esthetics service industry.  

The best news! We have secured a 2500 sqft crib fulfilling our need for ample space to service and roam.

At Ash's Lashes you can indulge in a wide variety of services delivered by our stellar team - all commited to ensuring your experience exceeds your expectations. 

We're not just a place - we're a vibe! 

Expect a bumpin' playlist and chill atmosphere where some like to stay and chit chat. 

Beyond a mere transaction, our clients have become cherished friends, and their unwavering support fuels our passion. 

It's truly a pleasure to continue servicing Uxbridge and surrounding areas. Come vibe with us as we continue this journey together ❤️

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